Fall 2011: ADAM

3 Nov

Before stating my opinion on this collection, I must preface with the news that Adam Lippes Uraguay factories burnt to a crisp a few weeks ago, while his looks for the season were all safe and sound, ready for show in New York, that is some pretty bad Karma. I mean, truly horrendous karma. I didn’t like this show. Lippes was inspired by Native American culture — an influence I see in some of the outerwear and a few of the patterned dresses that I didn’t include, but that was about the extent of the presence. While some critics (i.e. WWD) consider this show great and not overly outdoorsy and lumberjacky, I disagree. I think that this collection takes the masculine trend of the season to an extreme where the looks lose all femininity and become mens clothing. The burgundy two-piece ensemble of a button down and a pleated long skirt is very librarian and almost sexy, but fits the model all wrong. I think that it does, in fact, make her look manly. While this same look is much better in the beige/nude tone, it’s still got something missing. I loved the Spring collection, this one just was not my scene.

Credit: style.com

ADAM Spring 2011




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