Fall 2011: Alberta Ferretti

4 Nov

It’s no secret that my love for Alberta Ferretti borders on obsessional. There’s never a look I don’t like, and this collection maintained that idolatry. There was definitely a sixties-pop inspiration in the beginning with the bold colors and clean prints. I love the lightening bolt that divides the two colors of the simple sheath dress. Each look had dramatic, over the knee velvet boots. In most cases they only added to the looks although with some I didn’t think they fit correctly. From the pop she went to the very feminine looks. Ferretti understands femininity like no other — except maybe Saab and Lagerfeld. The high collar sleeveless orange dress with the chiffon and the bow — AHH. Amazing. I loved how she etched prints into the blue fur coat as well. This collection has been criticized for being “overly inspired” and blah blah. I think it’s genius. There was definitely a flow to the pieces which I think is really important. While there were many styles they all connected and felt really together. I had absolutely no complaints. How do you feel about it?

Credit: style.com

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011




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