Fall 2011: Antonio Berardi

4 Nov

I am absolutely obsessed with Antonio Berardi’s work. This show was magnificent as well. It started of with whites, grey’s and blacks in varying forms — mainly the draped, folded skirts with jackets and knits beneath. Then, suddenly, it went neon with shocks of lime green and then fading to the pinks. After that it was anything goes although about halfway through lace and sheer made a huge debut that lasted the rest of the show. The only look for me that actually came close to ruining everything was the metallic red strapless with the giant slit up the middle. I don’t get slits up the middle. On the side they are elegant and classy, down the middle, to me, is trampy. It is unflattering as well, the inner thighs as the only bit of leg seen isn’t sexy to anyone. The lace-centered dresses and the sophisticated navy jacket with laces sleeves — to die for. I loved this show and literally while watching it was just like checking off items — love this, love this, love this, love this. There not a high level of variation between ideas of designs but within the idea there were multiple depictions (did that make sense? I mean that lace played a huge factor but with the lace he did so many different things).


Credit: style.com

Antonio Berardi Spring 2011




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