Fall 2011: Betsey Johnson

4 Nov

The theme here was: “He loves me, he loves me not,” one I don’t really know how it is manifested but I like nonetheless. Spanning styles from goth to glamour, Johnson truly outdid herself. By the end you’re always ready for it to stop — mental and visual overstimulation — but when the next season rolls around I’m always eager for more! Some of the looks looked like a stylish take on pajamas and others were just downright weird. Hidden in the beloved insanity of this collection are some real fashion jewels. Most notable to me is the black jacket with red roses on the shoulder — it’s like Beauty and the Beast in a jacket. It’s great, I am in love with it and will definitely keep my eye out for this in the fall! I also loved the floral gowns — very elegant and without the gothic accessories could totally be red carpet glam. At the end of her show, Johnson had a series of “real girls” of all shapes and sizes come out and model some simpler looks. It was a nice touch and I love the ideal behind it but it definitely distracted from the show itself.


Credit: style.com

Betsey Johnson Spring 2011




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