Fall 2011: Chloé

4 Nov

Each piece in this collection was more delicious than the one before. MacGibbon has moved on from her preoccupation with the camel color and camel coats from the spring and landed on snakeskin. The pattern was present in most of the early pieces and done in such unusual and beautiful ways. The first piece even was a simple crew neck with snakeskin on leather cut into stripes down the front — it was fabulous. Of course, Chloé had that traditional seventies flare that is the basis of the heritage of the brand. Each cut and design was simple and made complex with the colors and patterns on it. Most of the styles were baggy, well-cut and sexy pants in leather or cotton or patterned, with simple shirts either tucked in or open depending on the style. The poncho I thought was great although many of my friends disagree. I really do not like ponchos in general but this one is so…not poncho-ey.There was no big bang or event at the end of the collection, just the pieces stopped coming. Close to the end was the amazing all white ensemble though — with a cape tied with a gigantic white bow. The rumors of MacGibbon leaving Chloé have been squashed today — thankfully, as I really cannot wait to see more of this type of collection.


Credit: style.com

Chloé Spring 2011




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