Fall 2011: Naeem Khan

4 Nov

This show was the definition of glamour. There was not a piece that wouldn’t look phenomenal on any woman and the colors and designs and embellishing were all taken to a whole new level. Khan was inspired by the women who wear his clothes –”They are powerful,” he says and it is clear that power and confidence is what makes these dresses what they are. Khan spared no expense with sequins individually sewn and ostrich feathers individually attached, Khan luxury is real luxury. The glamorous sheer white with black embroidery fading into the long black skirt, that dress reminded me of Marchesa’s fall piece last year with the ostrich feather bottom that Lively wore to an event, except this one is just taken to the entire next level. That seafoam green one with the silver embellishing is my absolute favorite though. It just exudes perfection in a way none other can. Khan has a very one-dimensional collection — but that’s not a criticism, for what he focuses on (the evening gowns and the glamour) he does to such an extent and so beautifully that it doesn’t even dawn on the viewer that there’s no piece diversity until afterwards.


Credit: style.com




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