Fall 2011: Oscar de la Renta

4 Nov

Oscar. In spring, he focused on restraint. For the fall, it was luxury. Talk about a complete 180 in the most breathtaking fashion. The culture he was inspired by was China — evidenced in many of the prints and designs. With the way that fashion is beginning to focus a lot on China for markets and shows (i.e. Prada’s off-season show in Beijing) this was very appropriate and timely. Few prints were without design or embellishing — sequins, beading, fur, gold, patterns and designs galore. This was not a collection for a minimalist. One of the first looks was a gold jacquard jacket over a high-necked dress of gold and silver — that set the stage for the rest of the collection. This was a visual explosion, a fashion orgasm…It was so intense and overwhelming that I went through the collection multiple times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. de la Renta balanced things out by presenting an overwhelming, borderline-too-much piece and following it with a lesser intensity one. There was a lot of tweed and some Chanel-looking pieces made from them. My favorite though was the velvet. He’s bringing it back — I love it. That velvet, low-cut, floor-length dress with the small gold bow at the crest of the v — to die for. Literally. I’m obsessed. I am so consumed with passion for this dress that it is in my screensaver slideshow. That intense. With Oscar de la Renta, as with other well-established fashion houses, the bar is always high. What never ceases to amaze me is the consistency with which he rises, and continues to raise that bar, never falling below or even landing exactly on the bar. He’s a master at his craft. Truly.

Credit: style.com




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