Fall 2011: Valentino

4 Nov

Valentino has had a real whirlwind time on the red carpet. The brand is experiencing a real revitalization with the new designers and I love it. While the cuts and ideas, the soul of the collection, was true Valentino and felt like Garavino’s own designs, there was a modern infusion in the patterns and some of the embellishing. The rose buds stuck by Valentino’s completely feminine feel and were beautiful as they lined some tops, dresses and skirts — although rarely at the same time. The bow’s were still ever-present but much sexier than in past collections — such as the sheer top with the giant black bow was so sexy and beautiful. The floor length dress is amazing and I can picture it on Welch, totally her style. The way the florals are and the lines and geometry in bolder colors were really unusual, especially from Valentino. There was a very obvious absence of the Valentino red in this collection was odd but it was not bad. It was a beautiful collection, as usual.


Credit: vogue.com

Valentino Pre-Fall 2011

Valentino Spring Couture 2011




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