Spring 2012: Jenni Kayne

7 Nov

So it’s been awhile — I’ve been swamped with Prelims and upcoming midterms — but have no fear, I obsessively watched and took notes on every show and will be slowly sharing them…think of it as a way to extend fashion week!

I was very surprised with a lot of the collections and their — repetitiveness? trite? attempted ingenuity? — Nothing felt new.

Hitting the ground with Jenni Kayne fits almost perfectly with what I’m getting at here — while her cuts were amazing and her ideas perfect and it was, to be honest, my favorite Jenni Kayne collection so far…she didn’t bring anything new to the table. More and more recently I’ve been getting flack for my love of fashion — post on that to follow when I get the time to write it — and while Kayne put forth a stunning collection aesthetically, on the more intellectual level it was really lacking (Yes, all you pessimists, there is a more intellectual level.).

While Kayne’s “Country club chic” theme drew from an old French surrealist film (“The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie”) it just didn’t feel original to me. She incorporated trends perfectly — from neon to denim to maxi and hot pants, it was the perfect collection for a trendy, well off girl. These are clothes I will definitely want to add to my closet and dream of wearing but as a collection it doesn’t do it for me.

I mean come on — tell me that first look doesn’t reek of SS11 Christopher Kane.

Photo Credit: Style.com

Jenni Kayne Fall 2011


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