Thomas Czarnecki: Fairy Tales with Deadly Endings

6 Feb

Quick apologies for the just ridiculous laziness and absorption in my own life…I love this blog and I prioritize it yet the time it actually takes to work on it is appalling… Anyways, as I prepare my Couture commentary for you I wanted to take a quick pause and show something so perversely beautiful.

I love Fairy Tales — For my Senior Thesis in High School, I analyzed many Fairy Tales using psychological techniques and applications to the Hero’s Journey re-imagined from the standpoint of a woman (dense-ass topic if you aren’t utterly fascinated by it…). Anyways, in my mid-class perusal of the blogosphere, I found Czarnecki’s wild photographs. The article afterwards was about how these were uncomfortable visualizations of what are normally deemed to be uplifting and inspirational stories that display romance and the overcoming of odds. I did not see these as a sign of the moral instability of our times, I saw them as a more modern retelling yet with morals infused — a “what if” type of situation. However one interprets these images, they are without a doubt extraordinarily done and so reminiscent of the fairy tales that we all know and love.

I loved them…others probably won’t but it’s definitely a cool change up from the runway reports

Alice – Just a Trap

The Little Mermaid – On the Other Shore

Beauty and the Beast – Not So Romantic

Cinderella – Too Fast

Jasmine – One Last Wish

Pocahontas – One More Trophy

Little Red Riding Hood – Happy End

Sleeping Beauty – Naughty Girl

Snow White – My Sweet Prince

Photocredit: huffingtonpost


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