Spring 2012: Rodarte

15 Feb

This is not only my favorite collection of the season but quite possibly the most amazing collection I have ever seen — literally, in history. That may be because of my Art History major, but this was the embodiment of innovation and incorporation of mixed media and the influence of culture in fashion. This collection was hailed as “one part sleeping beauty, one part van Gogh.” The sleeping beauty part bored me — apologies, I essentially left it out completely. It was a series of bright colors and ribbed pieces in shiny, plastic-ey material. Not inspired by anything except the bright colors in the animated film, I also saw the Sleeping Beauty aspect channeled in terms of silhouette and that I appreciate much more. Who would have thought the perfect counterpart to the bright colors of a Disney classic would be the infamous van Gogh? Rather than pull obscurely from the artists, the Mulleavy’s literally used van Gogh’s work in their pieces. Starry Night was screened onto gorgeous, royal feeling gowns. Sunflowers and fields that could be drawn from absolute any van Gogh painting cover the wild silhouettes and stunning dresses. They still kept to their unusual cuts and wild ideals yet maneuvered their specific niche market of cuts into something completely new.

I could literally talk about this collection for the rest of the night, no exaggeration. I wrote an article on it for the paper and I have flipped through it so many times. This was stunning and perfect. Perfect.

Photocredit: style.com

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