Spring 2012: Ports 1961

17 Feb

Ports 1961 is a brand that I have never gotten a grasp on. Granted, I don’t think anyone could really find a common thread through each of their collections. This was super architectural, especially compared to more conservative collection they showed in the fall. There was no distinguishable message to this or anything of the sort. The neons were amazing and really beautifully composed…I loved this collection, like absolutely. The thread of the rope through each piece was stunning and really added a complete new side to these pieces. Pieces such as (my ABSOLUTE favorite) the black and grey construction and the architectural lines were given an entire new dimension by the addition of the neon rope. It would not be as great a piece without this component. The dresses were beautifully done as well and completely unpredictable in their twisting and contorted ways. The shoes were dynamite with the strappy color blocked component. Ports 1961 still makes no sense to me as a brand but this collection inspired me to stick by them and definitely keep an eye on the evolution of the brand because this shows there is something amazing and inventive there.

Photocredit: style.com

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